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When homeowners or contractors in Winter Haven, Orlando, Tampa, and Osceola want top-quality residential roofing services at fair prices, they call in American Roofing FL!
We’re a proud family-owned business with years of experience serving Polk County, with the tools and skills to work on roofs of all types. We’re fully licensed, certified, and insured – so you can trust us with your property! Whether it’s for minor repairs or full residential roof installations, we’re your all-in-one source for residential roofing services in Winter Haven!

New Residential Roof Installation in Orlando, FL

A new roof isn’t just a convenience – it’s an investment in your property. A great roof boosts your home’s value as well as its curb appeal and can pay for itself for years to come. Whether it’s new construction or a replacement roof, we do the job right. We offer roof installations in Orlando, FL with all the most popular materials, including:

Shingle Roofs

Shingles are one of the classic roof types which will never go out of style. They’re affordable and among the most cost-effective to install. We carry a wide range of shingle types, in every variety of thickness, color, and texture, so we can create and install a roof that is long-lasting and perfect for the look of your home.

Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are among the most popular for roofing installation in Florida because they’re beautiful and durable. Florida’s weather can be nasty, so you need a roof that can stand up to abuse from the wind and rain. Tile roofs also offer great impact protection!

Built-Up Roofs

Built-up roofs (BURs) are made from alternating layers of bitumen – a sticky tar-like material – and reinforcing fabric. BURs aren’t the most attractive of roofs, but they offer superior water resistance, which is important here in Florida, as well as potentially lasting for decades.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofing used to be exclusive to commercial properties, but homeowners are coming to appreciate the unique look and extreme durability of metal roofing. When you want a roof for life, choose metal roofing in Florida.

Roofing Repairs

American Roofing FL is also your best choice for repairing your existing Polk County residential roof. Our extensive experience allows us to match the repairs to your existing look so that they’re seamless.

We can handle:

  • Tile and shingle replacement
  • Flashing repair and replacement
  • BUR patching
  • Skylight repair or installation
  • Attic vent repair or installation
  • Gutters and overhangs

Remember, problems with your roof won’t go away if they’re ignored. They will only get worse over time. The repair job only gets more difficult over time, and there’s more chance of damage to your property. If your roof is already missing one or more tiles, you want to get that taken care of and get residential roof installation in Orlando before water starts to penetrate into your home.

Trust American Roofing FL

Whether the job is big or small, American Roofing FL is your Winter Haven, Orlando, Tampa, and Osceola leader in excellent residential roofing services. Contact us today to discuss your situation and get a free estimate!

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