The roof plays a vital role in a building’s appearance, especially in homes where curb appeal matters. However, environmental factors such as sunlight, wind, and rain can harm roofs. This damage is more noticeable in hot states like Florida. The primary issue is roof discoloration, typically seen as dark black spots or streaks, and sometimes brown stains. People often mistake these black spots for accumulated dust and dirt, but they’re caused by roof algae growth. In this blog, we’ll go over everything you should know about roof discoloration caused by algae and what to do about it with our team at our roofing company in Florida.

Roof Algae

Algae on roofs start small and develop due to airborne spores in Florida’s warm, humid climate. Florida’s extreme temperatures can worsen this over time. The algae protect themselves by forming a pigmented covering that appears as discoloration, which later turns into dark black streaks. Homeowners in Florida usually notice discoloration about one to two months after the algae first appears due to these conditions.

Is Roof Algae Harmful?

If you’ve noticed algae on your Florida roof, don’t panic. While the streaks or dark spots may look concerning, especially if you initially think it’s mold, early detection allows for effective removal without harming your roof’s integrity. However, if algae have been present for a long time, they might have damaged the reflective granules on your roofing materials (such as shingles or tiles). Prolonged algae damage can affect your roof’s ability to resist heat and keep your home cool.

How to Remove Algae

Pressure washing alone won’t effectively get rid of roof algae. The best way to eliminate algae from a residential roof is to schedule a professional roof cleaning. Expert roofers will inspect the roof’s condition and assess the damage extent. They’ll apply a safe cleaning solution and carefully remove the algae. In severe cases, a thorough cleaning might not suffice. You can think about replacing specific tiles or shingles, improving the roof drainage, or even replacing the entire roof to restore it fully.

Addressing Algae Discoloration with Professional Roof Cleaning

A proficient roofing expert can diminish algae discoloration on your roof using a solution that complies with your roofing material manufacturer’s guidelines. They avoid aggressive techniques like vigorous scrubbing or harsh chemicals to prevent surface damage, shingle granule loss, or warranty issues. They’ll clean your roof using safe chemical concentrations that won’t harm its structure. Additionally, they can recommend effective measures to prevent algae growth, which may be challenging for homeowners to determine alone. If shingle or tile replacement becomes necessary, they will handle it correctly.

It’s crucial to hire a reputable roofing company with expertise in this field, such as American Roofing FL. Avoid hiring just anyone, as neglecting algae growth can result in roof damage that might require costly replacement. To prevent such hassles, it’s best to consult a professional company for expert advice and solutions. By adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended process, professionals can clean your roof effectively and safely, ensuring no harm to your family, pets, or landscaping.

Preventing Future Algae Growth

Algae growth can harm your home’s appearance and cause various issues. To prevent these problems, experts recommend two methods.

  • Install copper or zinc-coated strips along your roof’s edges. A professional roofing company can assist with this installation, guiding you through the process and its benefits. They’ll determine the best placement for these strips.
  • Choose algae-resistant shingles made with copper granules, containing around 60% copper. While these shingles are pricier than regular ones, they ensure your roof remains algae-free for years. This is especially valuable in areas with frequent discoloration problems, saving you money on roof cleaning services in the long run.

Getting Maintenance with Our Roofing Company in Florida

When your roof in Florida requires repairs, it’s crucial not to overlook it. Ignored damage can worsen with time, posing risks to your property. It can lead to structural and interior water damage. That’s why Winter Haven and Tampa residents, contractors, and businesses trust American Roofing FL for high-quality, cost-effective roof repairs. We have the expertise to fix any roof type, and we’re known for our quick response, even in emergencies. Your roof concerns are our priority.

No matter what type of roof you have, we can tackle the repair job. Roofing materials come in various types, such as shingles, stone tiles, metal sheets, bitumen, and asphalt. With our extensive experience, we can repair roofs of any style or age using the right materials. We keep a wide range of materials in stock to ensure our repairs seamlessly blend with your existing roof. Whether you have a flat or metal roof, we can restore it to its former glory, regardless of the extent of damage.

Getting Roof Replacement with Our Roofing Company in Florida

As we know, roofs can become a breeding ground for algae growth and can weaken the structure and detract from its appearance. Depending on the severity, you may need to replace your entire roof. That’s where American Roofing FL comes in. 

When you select our roofing contractors for roof replacement, expect a prompt and comprehensive roof assessment. This assessment will cover any additional repairs or damage to your roof deck. Our experts ensure you have a clear understanding of the requirements for your roof replacement.

Our reputable roofers will provide a detailed breakdown of material and labor costs for your roof replacement. You’ll have various options and materials to choose from, with factors like the season, roof size, and more affecting your choices.

Local regulations may permit installing new asphalt shingles over the old roof once. During your roof inspection, we’ll determine if this is possible. If not, we’ll start by removing your old roof and disposing of it properly before installing the new one.

Get Roof Maintenance or Repair Services with Our Roofing Company in Florida Today!

If you think your roof may be suffering from algae, reach out to our experts at American Roofing FL. We’ll conduct an assessment to target the issue and recommend the best solution for your property. Contact us for a free estimate today!

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