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Shingle Roofing Services

As asphalt shingle roofs dominate the roofing landscape in the United States with approximately 50% of all roofs nationwide, shingles are undoubtedly a classic roof type that offers a timeless appeal. Renowned for their affordability and cost-effectiveness, shingle roofs offer a budget-friendly option for homeowners seeking reliable roofing solutions. At American Roofing FL, we take pride in our extensive selection of shingle types, available in various thicknesses, colors, and textures. With this versatility, we can customize and install a roof that not only withstands the test of time but also complements the aesthetic appeal of your home perfectly. Below are the shingle roofing services we offer in Florida:

Signs of Shingle Damage on Your Roof

Missing or Cracked Shingles

When shingles go missing or show cracks, it’s a clear indication of roof damage. Over time, exposure to the sun causes the asphalt in shingles to degrade and become fragile, allowing water infiltration and potential future damage to your home.

Granule Loss

Asphalt shingles gradually lose their protective granules with age, which are responsible for their color and shielding properties. As a result, the shingles may become dull and develop fine cracks over time. This could be a sign for roof replacement.

Roof Leaks

Indicators of water damage may show up as roof stains, damp carpets, ceiling damage, or attic mold buildup. This can occur due to missing or cracked shingles and signal the need for repair or replacement.

Deciding Between Shingle Roof Repair and Replacement

Deciding between replacing the entire roof or repairing damaged shingles depends on various factors. Below are key considerations when debating between the two roofing services:

Condition of Your Roofing

If your shingle roof has passed its expected lifespan and you see leaks or additional damage, it might be necessary to replace the entire roof. However, if your shingles are new and the damage is minor, a roofing professional can likely repair the affected shingles without the need for a full replacement.

Water Damage

If you see water damage on your roof and inside your home, it’s probably time to consider a complete roof replacement.

Degree of Damage

If you assess the damage as minor, shingle repair may suffice. However, in the event of a major incident such as a storm or natural disaster causing extensive damage to your roof, total shingle replacement may be necessary.

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