Roof Replacement in Tampa & Orlando

When it comes to roof replacement in Tampa, Orlando, and the surrounding areas, you need a company you can trust that has a proven reputation in the community. At American Roofing FL, we understand installing a roof can be an important investment, which is why we offer a FREE estimate for each new roof, in addition to financing options.

As a family-owned local business, our goal is to provide those in the Winter Haven and Polk County communities with the best roof replacement services and do a better job than all those other contractors out there. We’ve done this by not only getting the job done right every time but also offering unbeatable customer service backed by a proven reputation.

What to Expect from Roof Replacement in Florida

    • Timeline: When you choose a roofing contractor for roof replacement services, you should expect a quick but thorough roofing assessment that touches on any additional repairs, or other damage to your roof deck. Then roofing teams should provide you with a clear idea of what your roof replacement job will require, which is exactly what our experts do.
    • Pricing: Every reputable roofer will provide you with a detailed materials-and-labor breakdown of what roof replacement is going to cost. You’ll be provided with a variety of choices and material options for your roof replacement and often, this will also be based on the season, size of your roof, and more.
    • Process: Depending on local laws and regulations, you may be able to install a new roof of asphalt shingles over your old roof. However, you can only do so once and during your roof inspection, we’ll let you know if this is a possibility or not. If it isn’t, first we remove your old roof and dispose of it accordingly, then get to work on installing your new one.
    • Mold, mildew, or algae. Roofs can easily become home to microbial life, which will weaken the roof, as well as look unpleasant. We can clean and sterilize your roof.

Key Factors to Consider

    • Roofing Materials: As mentioned above, there are a variety of roofing materials out there to suit the style and roof of your home. American Roofing FL specializes in everything from shingle roofs, tiles roofs, metal roofs, and built-up roofs to suit your needs.
    • Cleanup: After ensuring your new roof replacement job is done to your satisfaction, we take care of all the post-work cleanup, leaving your property as good as new, in fact, better⎯with a brand-new, high-quality roof.
    • Roof Pitch & Size: The size and pitch, or slope of your roof can often affect pricing, in addition to the materials you’re able to use. But we’ll give you all the insight during our initial assessment to make an informed decision on the right type of new roof for your home or commercial property.

Contact us for Tampa or Orlando roof replacement

We take our job and our place in the community very seriously and are fully licensed and insured. At American Roofing FL, safety is foremost on every job and we’ve developed a proven reputation for providing efficient roofing services with outstanding customer service.

You can rely on American Roofing FL for all your roofing needs in Tampa, Orlando, Osceola, and the surrounding areas. Contact us online today for a FREE estimate or call (863) 965-2727.

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