A built-up roof system, often called BURs, is quite the popular choice for buildings with flat or low-slope roofs. It’s been around for over a hundred years in the USA. How have they gained so much popularity? Well, they give top-notch protection as they’re all about being super redundant. Multiple layers including ply sheet and asphalt are topped with a cap sheet or a layer of asphalt. These layers can tackle tough weather and keep the building safe and sound.

Let’s go into the depths of built-up commercial roofing and discover why they are such an advantage for commercial buildings in Tampa, FL.

What is a Built-Up Commercial Roof?

When it comes to getting a solid bang for your buck with commercial roofing, consider built-up roofs. They’re made by layering waterproof material with this tar-like stuff called bitumen. This combination makes them super resistant to water and tough enough to handle even the wildest weather. 

What are the Parts of a Built-Up Commercial Roof System?

When it comes to building a built-up roof, there are different ways to go about it. Typically, it starts with a base sheet that’s put on top of the insulation or cover board. This base sheet acts as the first layer of protection for the roof and provides a surface where more layers can be added using hot asphalt.

Next, a layer of asphalt is applied over the base sheet to install a reinforcing felt, which is sometimes called a ply sheet. Instead of using hot asphalt and big kettles, some roofing contractors now have the option to use cold-applied adhesive solutions, thanks to advancements in manufacturing. This makes the process easier and more efficient.

When the reinforcing felt is soaked in asphalt or a special glue that sticks when it’s cold, it forms a barrier that makes it harder for water to get through. We keep doing this process, adding more layers of the felt and more asphalt or glue until we have the right number of layers. Finally, we finish off the roof by putting on a layer with minerals on it or covering it with asphalt and spreading gravel or slag on top.

What are the Benefits of Built-Up Commercial Roofing?

1. Proven Track Record

Built-up roofing has earned its popularity as a 100-year-old technology. Ask your roofing installer for more information.

2. Warranty Options

BUR systems may qualify for warranties or guarantees that extend up to several years, depending on the materials and installation method. 

3. Reliability and Redundancy

One of its key strengths lies in its redundancy. With multiple layers of protection, even if the top layer gets damaged, the underlying layers continue to shield the building from water infiltration.

4. Reflective Cap Sheets

For those seeking energy efficiency, reflective cap sheets are available. These white-coated cap sheets can help deflect the sun’s rays away from the building, leading to reduced indoor temperatures.

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