Investing in roof replacement in Orlando or Tampa can be a significant undertaking, but with proper knowledge, you can sail smoothly through every phase. That’s why the experts from American Roofing FL want to break down what to expect before, during, and after the roof replacement process.

Before: Preparation and Planning

In the initial 4-6 weeks, your roofing contractor kicks off the process with a thorough roof inspection. This inspection lays the foundation for a detailed quote and project scope. Selecting a professional roofing contractor is crucial, and once chosen, they’ll present you with a timeline. Financing options are discussed if needed, and permits are handled by the contractor in the weeks leading up to the installation. Planning involves ordering materials and arranging services, such as dumpsters and portable restrooms. Clearing the work area and finalizing the shingle color selection is vital for a smooth project.

During: General Roof Installation

On installation day, ensure your pets are secure and discuss arrival requirements with the crew. Accessibility to the roof should be unobstructed, and measures should be taken to protect garden valuables. If your contractor doesn’t cover plants, it’s recommended to do it yourself. Special requests, like not using your bathroom, should be communicated in advance. While you can be home during installation, be prepared for noise, especially if you work from home. Notify your neighbors a few days in advance to manage expectations.

The Roof Installation Process

The messy part begins with removing the old roof, followed by a thorough roof inspection. The roof deck’s condition is scrutinized, ensuring a solid foundation for the new materials. Flashing may need replacement to prevent water seepage. Underlayment installation involves careful consideration of options like ice and water barriers. Shingle installation starts with starter shingles, followed by asphalt shingles in staggered rows, secured with nails. Hip and ridge shingles finish the process. Existing vents may be replaced or added based on ventilation requirements.

After: Final Day/Finishing Up on the Job

Post-installation, a final walk-through with the roofing contractor ensures everything meets expectations. A property sweep for loose nails and debris is conducted. A final roof inspection guarantees proper installation and defect-free materials. Discuss cleanup processes before the job begins, and if unsatisfied, request a secondary sweep.

After Your New Roof Has Been Installed

The cleanup concludes as dumpsters and porta-potties are removed. A representative may schedule a general review, collecting the final payment. This is an opportune time to register your warranty online, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of its terms and responsibilities.

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