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Selecting a reputable roofing company in Florida is essential, especially when urgent repairs are needed. To streamline the decision-making process and ensure a seamless experience, asking the right questions is crucial. 

That’s why the roofing experts from American Roofing FL have collected five important questions here to pose to your Florida roofing contractor before sealing the deal.

1) Are You Licensed & Insured?

In the realm of roofing services, legitimacy is non-negotiable. Ensure the roofing contractor possesses the required license for operations in your city and state, adhering to specific regional regulations. In Florida, a roofing contractor must hold a valid license to undertake any roofing services. Equally important are workman’s compensation and liability insurance, safeguarding both workers and homeowners in case of unexpected incidents.

2) How Long Have You Been in Business; Are You Local?

The longevity and local presence of a roofing company speaks volumes about its reliability. A company that has stood the test of time within the local community indicates consistent service quality. Opting for a local business ensures future accessibility for potential roofing issues. A longstanding, community-rooted roofing contractor is often a trustworthy choice.

3) How Will You Protect My Property During the Project?

Preserving your property’s integrity during the roofing project is crucial for both your budget and peace of mind. Engage in a discussion with the roofing contractor about protective measures for your lawn and landscaping. Understanding potential problem areas, such as equipment placement and traffic patterns, can prevent unexpected costs for repairs.

4) Do You Offer Any Warranties?

Warranties are the backbone of safeguarding your roofing investment. Ranging from one to 25 years or even a lifetime, clear communication about offered warranties is essential. Ensure the roofing contractor provides information on coverage for products used, workmanship, leak protection, and other crucial aspects. A comprehensive warranty adds an extra layer of security to your roofing project.

5) Can You Provide a Written Estimate?

Avoid surprises when the bill arrives by requesting an itemized, written estimate before signing any contracts. This estimate should encompass material costs, labor, and potential additional expenses. It should also outline the approximate project timeline and provide a detailed description of the planned work. Transparency in the estimate phase sets the foundation for a trustworthy working relationship.

Let us be your roofing company in Florida, contact us today! 

At American Roofing FL, we prioritize transparency and provide detailed information to our customers, ensuring a clear understanding of the project before commencement. As a local, family-owned business, we take pride in providing lasting and efficient roofing service designed to stand the test of time, coupled with stellar customer service. 

American Roofing FL is fully licensed and certified in all towns across the greater Polk County area. We’re located in Winter Haven and are familiar with all building codes and regulations, so our roofing work is always fully up-to-code and passes inspection with flying colors. Additionally, we’re fully insured and bonded should anything ever go wrong you and your property will be entirely protected. 

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