Shed roofs have a simple design with just one sloping side. They’re cost-effective, easy to build, and create more space on the upper floor. Despite the name suggesting they’re only for sheds, you can use them on any building. If you’re thinking about enlisting our residential roof installation services to add a shed roof to your Orlando, FL, home or outhouse, here’s what you should be aware of.

The Design of a Shed Roof

A shed roof has one side that slopes steeply. This steep slope helps water and snow to flow off easily and makes the most of the attic or top floor space. Shed roofs are common on small outbuildings, garages, and even modern houses.

Define a Lean-to-Shed Roof

A lean-to is an extension attached to a building. Lean-tos typically have shed roofs that snugly attach to the outer walls of the main structure. Depending on its intended use, a lean-to can either be fully enclosed with four walls or remain open, consisting only of a roof.

Benefits of Sheds

You have the option to include a shed roof on any building or house. Before you make this decision, let’s explore the advantages.

  • Simple Construction: Shed roofs are straightforward to build due to their uncomplicated design.
  • Cost-Effective: The basic design results in lower material and labor expenses.
  • Effective Drainage: The steep slope ensures efficient drainage of rain and snow.
  • Ideal for Additions: If you’re expanding your home, a shed roof is a top choice for this purpose.
  • Modern Appearance: Adding a shed roof can give your home or outbuilding a contemporary and stylish appearance.

Comparing Shed Roofs and Gable Roofs

gable roof has two sloping sides, unlike a shed roof with just one slope. Both types have simple designs, making them cost-effective and easy to construct compared to other options.

Both roofs are effective at draining rain and snow, but they still need gutter systems. Gable roofs have the upper hand when it comes to withstanding strong winds. One major distinction between these two styles is their appearance. Shed roofs suit modern or rustic homes, while gable roofs are versatile and can complement any architectural style.

Where Can Shed Roofs Be Installed?

  • Shed roof on a forest house.
  • Mid-century modern house with a shed roof.
  • Modern rustic home with a shed roof.
  • Small studio shed with a shed roof.

Why Install a Shed Roof

A shed roof, also called a skillion roof, has a single-sloping side. You can use it for homes and outbuildings, and it’s often used for lean-to additions. The main benefits of a shed roof are its simplicity in construction, cost-effectiveness, and effective drainage. If you want an easy-to-build roof, consider a shed roof. Other options to consider include gable and saltbox roofs.

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