Gambrel roofs, often known as barn-style roofs, are popular all over the US. The Dutch introduced them, and we’ve seen them here since the 16th century. Nowadays, they’re a great match for the farmhouse trend.

Not only are these roofs flexible and budget-friendly, but they also give you extra storage room in your home. The team at our roof repair company over what you should know about gambrel roofs in this blog.

Defining Gambrel Roofs

A gambrel roof is a special kind of roof with two slopes on each side, and the bottom slope is steeper than the top one. You can spot it in old Dutch colonial houses from the 18th century in North America. This unique roof gives you a slanted roof without losing space inside your home.

The Historical Origins of Gambrel Roofs

While we’re not sure where it first came from in the U.S., it’s believed the Dutch settlers brought this design with them. Back then, it was called a “Dutch roof.” It was a big hit from the 16th to the 18th century and was used in homes and stores. The oldest one we know about is on the second Harvard Hall at Harvard University, built-in 1677.

This roof style is making a comeback, especially with the farmhouse trend. It’s all about that cozy, rustic vibe inside buildings, but with a touch of modern style. Today’s farmhouse design mixes old-fashioned charm with modern comforts.

Why Choose a Gambrel Roof?

Timeless Look

These roofs have a timeless, old-fashioned look because they were commonly used on buildings in North America during the 18th century.


You can easily add windows and dormers to the sides of this roof, bringing in more natural light and better airflow.

Water Drainage

The steep slopes make rain run off quickly, lowering the chance of water damage.


These roofs use less material because they have fewer beams and columns, which saves money. They’re also quite easy to install, which can cut down on labor costs.

Extra Attic Space

This kind of roof gives you more storage room in the attic. The steep slopes make the attic bigger by giving you more headroom.

Types of Gambrel Roofs

There are different types of Dutch colonial gambrel roofs:

Classic Style

It’s the traditional one with two sides and two slopes on each side. The lower slope is steeper than the upper.

Valley Style

 These roofs are on square-shaped houses. They have two front-facing slopes on each side in addition to the gambrel slopes.

Mansard Style

A mansard roof has four sloped sides instead of two, kind of like a hip roof that’s sloped on all four sides.

Dormer Style

Dormer gambrel roofs have windows sticking out from each side of the roof. These dormers protect the windows from bad weather.

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